Dream Boobs – Heidi Klum

Published March 29, 2012 by stripwannabe

I’m not sure what kind of look I want to end up with yet – there are so many nice looks. Here’s some pics of boobs that I might take to the surgeon for consultation.

Idea one – medium sized Heidi Klum style.  Heidi’s boobs aren’t massive but they’re great on her and don’t look cartoonish. This is a look a might go for if I can get the cash but I’m tempted to go bigger – DDs etc.

I’ve read rumours that Heidi did have a boob job before making it huge in the modelling world, not sure if there’s any truth to the rumours but maybe her look is possible if the rumours are true.

Now this would make a great stripper body!!!


The Mission

Published March 29, 2012 by stripwannabe

Well, this is the first post and basically I’ll tell you all about and what the site is about.

It’s my dream to be a dancer, an exotic dancer or stripper if you wanna put it simply. I’ve got the moves and a pole at home that I practice on but I’m lacking in the boob department.

I’m body confident except for the boobs and really need to get them enhanced before I can dance anywhere public.

I have about 1.5 thousand saved but need some help raising the rest of the funds. I know there are web pages like MFI out there but I don’t really wanna put my face all over the web and you have to just to get verified on that site 😦

I will post pictures and answer all emails/questions etc. and if I get help to get my boob job, for sure I will post pictures of how they look after – I’ll be proud and happy to!!! All donations will be put on the site with a big shoutout (unless you don’t want one of course).

I like to chat, to be honest, I’m kinda lonely. I don’t have a boyfriend – don’t really want one, it has it’s upsides but yeah it can get lonely. I spend most of my time working out, on the pole, or learning guitar so I miss company – if you wanna talk I’ll prob be happy to listen and get to know you a little more so email away 🙂

Not sure what else to put, I might edit this and add some more later.